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Employer Refuses to Report Injuries Boise ID

What Should I Do If My Employer Refuses to Report My Injury?

You have the right to get workers’ comp when injured at work in Boise, ID. The first step in this process is to report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Waiting a long time will only increase your chances of having your request denied. Once you report the injury or illness, you have to seek medical attention immediately. Your employer then has an obligation send a report to the Department of Labor.

There are times that your employer may refuse to report your case to the relevant authorities. He may urge you to seek medical attention using your health cover, which is wrong. If this happens to you, do not accept it since you have a right to get workers’ comp. Reach out to a Boise, ID workers’ comp lawyer for advice on what you can do. He can file a lawsuit so that the employer is ordered to take the necessary action.

Why Would My Employer Refuse to Report My Boise, ID Injury?

There are many reasons why your employer may refuse to do this. They include:

  • The employer doesn’t have workers’ comp coverage. It is possible that your employer does not carry the required workers’ comp. As a result, they may not be in a position to pay for your injuries, and they risk getting sued. That is why they will try to convince you not to follow up the claim.
  • The employer fears increased premiums. Since an insurance provider covers the workers’ comp, they risk getting higher premiums. The more injuries are reported, the higher the likelihood that premium rates may go up.
  • The employer thinks your injury is minor. Your employer may believe your injury is minor and just need short-term care. If that is the case, they will be hesitant to file the report.
  • The employer doesn’t believe you’re injured. If you took a lot of time before reporting the injury, your employer might accuse you of faking it. They may also be waiting for the filing period to end so that your claim is invalid.

There are many reasons why your employer may not want to file. However, it is their responsibility, so you need to hold them to it. You may not have the legal knowledge on how to approach the situation. That is why it is best to get an attorney. He is in a better position to advise on the matter and guide you in the steps that will follow.

How Idaho Workmen Compensation Lawyers Will Advise You

Once you verbally report the injury, you need to do it in writing to fill in the accident report. Deliver it to your employer and keep copies for yourself. Ensure that you get medical care immediately since waiting will only work against you. Ensure that you tell the doctor how you got your injury so that he includes it in the medical report.

You can use your health coverage to do this or seek help from clinics that accept patients without health cover. Once you get the workers’ comp, they will refund all the money that you have spent. Make sure that you keep records of all the expenses that you incurred so that you can be compensated.

As soon as you can, report to your employer about your injuries. Let them know about the steps that you took to have them checked. This needs to be in a written document that you submit to the employer and have a copy for yourself.

Follow the doctor’s advice on what you need to do after treatment. Ensuring that you have an attorney that will guide you through the process is an important thing. If the employer still doesn’t accept to file the report, you have the option of suing them. All the evidence that you gathered becomes useful here since it will help in proving the legitimacy of your injuries.

Contact Workman’s Compensation Lawyers in Boise ID for a Consultation

It is illegal for your employer to deny you to the right to workers’ comp. However,  you are not entirely helpless. In Boise, ID you have the option of suing them for the benefits you deserve. Make sure you get in touch with an experienced Boise, ID workers comp attorney as soon as it happens. At Joe Frick Law PLLC, we have experienced lawyers who know all about dealing with workers’ comp disputes. Our lawyers use their knowledge to devise a plan for you and ensure that your case is handled.