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How to Prepare for Meeting Your Boise Injury Lawyer | Joe Frick Law

How to Prepare for Meeting Your Boise Personal Injury Attorney

So you decided to consult a Boise personal injury attorney regarding your case. That is a very good decision, as it will increase your chances of obtaining a fair compensation. Hopefully, the attorney you made your appointment with offers free consultations, so you have nothing to lose.

No matter if you are paying for the consultation or not, it is important that you make the most of it. How do you do that? You prepare for the meeting, following the advice we provide in the following lines.

5 Tips to Prepare for the Consultation with Your Boise Injury Lawyer

1. Write Down the Date and Time of the Appointment and Make Sure You Get There on Time

If the Boise personal injury lawyer you have chosen has a good reputation, their schedule is probably pretty busy. If you do not get to the meeting on time, you might be depriving another personal injury victim of legal advice.

Sure, unexpected issues always arise but you can always call and cancel or postpone the appointment. This way, if you still need advice, you can benefit from it once you have solved your urgent issues.

2. Gather Any Evidence Relevant to Your Case, Organize it, and Bring It with You

In personal injury cases, what you can prove often weighs more than facts. Moreover, the burden of proof falls on the personal injury victim. Your Boise, ID personal injury lawyer will want to see evidence, not just your side of the story. Evidence varies from case to case, but the following examples should give you an idea of what to bring:

  • Police accident report, if you incurred your injuries in an auto accident
  • Invoice, warranty, and use instructions if your injuries were caused by a defective product
  • Medical bills and reports, treatment recommendations, disability rating, etc.
  • Insurance company information if you or the defendant to your claim have relevant coverage
  • Repair bills or replacement cost estimates to help assess the value of the property damage you incurred
  • Contact information of anyone important to your case: the party at fault, their insurer, witnesses, etc.

3. Make a List of Questions You Would Like to Ask

Most reputable personal injury lawyers do their best to provide all the information their clients may need. However, they cannot read minds. To make sure you get all the answers you want, write down your questions.

During the consultation, take out your list and ask away! If you do not get the answers you need, perhaps you need to contact another personal injury law firm. Just remember that an experienced attorney will avoid throwing numbers and making unrealistic promises.

4. Be Open and Honest to Your Personal Injury Attorney in Boise

Idaho personal injury cases often fall under the comparative negligence law. If you contributed to your injuries in any way, your attorney should know about it. The defendant to your personal injury claim will surely try to blame you. Your legal advisor needs to know what to expect.

Under Idaho law, every fault percentage attributed to you will be reduced from your compensation. Therefore, any small detail you keep from your lawyer could end up costing you money. But they will surely explain that to you during the meeting.

5. Take a Piece of Paper and Write Down Your Lawyer’s Advice

As your lawyer lays out your legal options, you should take notes. They will probably explain the procedures you need to follow and the laws applicable to your case. Perhaps they will even make suggestions on further evidence to obtain or how to deal with the defendant.

Since it is your first meeting, you will probably be nervous, unsure what to expect. It will be difficult to focus and memorize everything. If you write the main ideas, you can return to them when necessary and remember all the details.

And do not worry about what the attorney you see may think or say. If they are dedicated to their clients, they will be patient, communicative, and understanding. They will provide the information and explanations you need. If they do not, maybe you should look for another lawyer – at Joe Frick Law, our door is always open.

Make an Appointment with One of the Best Personal Injury Attorneys in Boise, ID

Now you know what to expect from the first consultation with your Boise personal injury lawyer. But did you know that, at Joe Frick Law, we provide this consultation for free? If you haven’t yet made an appointment or your first consultation did not go as expected, get in touch! Call 208-314-3188 now and let’s set the details!