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3 Case Aspects You Should Discuss with a Boise Injury Attorney

3 Case Aspects You Should Discuss with a Boise Personal Injury Lawyer

Did you decide to take matters into your own hands rather than work with a Boise personal injury lawyer? This means you are smart, well-educated, self-confident, and really patient. Looking up, understanding, and memorizing laws and legal procedures is not easy. Neither is following court procedures and dealing with the paperwork.

But you have surely done your homework and have a plan in place for everything. With research, patience, and hard work, you should be able to obtain the compensation you deserve. However, there are three sensitive case aspects that you need to tackle with extreme care.

We will discuss them in the following lines.

3 Case Aspects Better Handled by a Boise, ID Personal Injury Attorney

1. Claim Value

When you seek compensation for your losses, you need to assign a value to your claim. It does not matter if you file your claim with an insurance company or go to court. You need to have a clear measure of your losses.

Many personal injury victims sum up all their losses and expenses and claim the resulting value. Most of them barely obtain half and end up regretting their decision not to hire a Boise injury attorney. Unfortunately, by then, it is already too late.

Under Idaho laws, injury victims can claim more than just property damage and medical expenses. They can claim lost earnings, emotional losses (loss of enjoyment, companionship, etc.), and physical and emotional suffering.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, maybe even punitive damages are accessible. Courts often grant these as a punishment to reckless defendant. This type of damages are also a great way to set an example and discourage other wrongdoers.

Assigning a value to these losses is usually extremely difficult for the inexperienced. So is supplying adequate evidence and convincing the insurers or courts. However, experienced personal injury lawyers in Boise have numerous cases to turn to for precedents. They also have their own investigation strategies and resources that never fail them.

2. Settlement Offers

Assuming that you filed your claim on time and supported it with relevant evidence, you will probably receive a settlement offer. The defendant or their Boise injury attorney will do everything in their power to convince you to accept it.

They will focus on the time, expenses, and energy you save. They will accuse you of being partly at fault for your injuries and will dismantle every piece of evidence they provide. But these are just strategies that experienced Boise personal injury attorneys are familiar with.

Had you benefitted from legal advice, you would know exactly how much your claim is worth. Don’t accept a cent less without consulting a personal injury lawyer! Some Boise lawyers provide free consultations, so you have nothing to lose by requesting their opinion.

3. Unfavorable Verdict

Sometimes, although you follow all procedures and provide evidence, your claim is denied. After all the effort you’ve put in, you are tempted to give up and just forget about everything. That’s just what the defendant wants.

If you’ve filed your claim with an insurance company, you should actually expect a denial. Sometimes, civil courts make mistakes as well. Perhaps the mistake was actually yours. No matter the details, you should not give up without consulting a Boise personal injury attorney.

They will review your claim and tell you whether the verdict you received was justified or not. If you did something wrong, they will help you correct it. They will appeal the verdict you received and fight until they get you the compensation you deserve.

But there is one more aspect you should be aware of: you can benefit from free legal help. According to Idaho Statutes Section 12-120, you can include attorney fees in your personal injury claim.

This means that, even if you pay out of pocket for legal services, you will recover the costs. Add that to the fact that our personal injury law firm provides free case reviews, and you have to get help. The sooner you start benefiting from it, the easier and the sooner you will win your case.

Get Help with Your Case from a Reputable Boise Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact a skilled Boise injury attorney. At Joe Frick Law, we have handled hundreds of cases. We are well versed at calculating claim value, negotiating settlements, and appealing unfavorable verdicts. With our help, obtaining the compensation you deserve will be easy. Call 208-314-3188 and make an appointment to find out just how easy!