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Types of Damages a Boise Personal Injury Attorney Can Claim

Types of Damages a Boise Personal Injury Attorney Can Claim?

Did you incur injuries due to another party’s negligence? An experienced Boise personal injury attorney can help you recover all your losses. Personal injury claims can cover several types of losses. We will discuss them in the following lanes. An experienced personal injury lawyer will rarely give exact numbers. They will rather explain the types of damages available and any applicable caps. We will do the same in the following lines.

Until then, know that the content and value of your personal injury claim will depend on several factors. Here are the most important:

  • How serious the injuries you incurred were. The more serious the injuries are the higher the value of the damages can get.
  • How solid and relevant the evidence you have is. As a claimant, you have to prove both the defendant’s liability and the value of your losses.
  • Whether/how much you contributed to your own injury. If you were partly at fault, the amount you recover as damages will be reduced according to your fault share.

The best way to assess your claim value is to consult a Boise personal injury lawyer. The latter will review your case and explain what your rights are.

Types of Damages a Personal Injury Attorney in Boise, ID, May Claim

Secondly, personal injury victims incur two main types of damages: economic and non-economic ones. Let’s take a closer look at each category and see what they are all about.

1. Economic Damages and Why Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Boise, ID

As the terms suggest, economic damages are easy to quantify and justify. They can be proven with bills, invoices, receipts, and price estimates. They refer to expenses the injury victim incurred or may have to cover due to the injuries they incurred. Common examples of economic damages are:

  • Medical bills and expenses.

These could be hospital bills, treatments, medical devices, physical therapy. The personal injury victim will have to justify the expenses they already incurred. If their recovery is not complete, they can estimate future treatment costs.

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Boise can help them obtain the necessary cost estimates. They can also help them make sure they do not leave out any qualifying expenses.

  • Lost income and earning capacity.

Sometimes, personal injury victims need time off work or end up disabled.  When that happens, their compensation should cover any wages they lost and may lose. In such cases, the compensation claim should cover not only lost wages but also other benefits. The victim may miss promotions, raises, performance bonuses, etc..

Disability cases are the most complicated. They involve the most types and highest value of damages. They should be handled by experienced Boise personal injury lawyers.

  • Disability adjustment expenses.

Personal injury victims left disabled usually incur additional expenses. The goal of these expenses is to help them adjust to their new life and secure the necessary comfort. They could include home care and home adjustment expenses.

Examples for home adjustment expenses include installing a home elevator and support bars. Vehicle adjustment expenses are common as well.

  • Property damages.

Depending on how the personal injury occurred, assets may qualify for compensation too. Examples include mobile devices, expensive clothes, jewelry, or accessories. If the assets can be repaired, the claim will be for repair costs and, possibly, devaluation.

The victim or their personal injury lawyer will have to prove their damage and their value.

2. Non-Economic Damages and Why Let Personal Injury Lawyers in Boise, ID, Claim Them

These are more subjective and, therefore, difficult to quantify. They usually include physical and emotional pain, stress and anxiety.

In rare cases, the victims may also claim loss of enjoyment. To obtain it, they will need to prove that their injuries took away their ability to enjoy certain activities.

Loss of consortium is another type of non-economic damages subject to compensation. It is available to victims whose partners leave them due to the injuries they incurred.

The claimant will need to prove that their losses stemmed from the injuries. They will also need to prove their magnitude. Since these losses are difficult to measure, a personal injury attorney should handle the claim.

Idaho laws limit the damages personal injury victims may receive. The limit for non-economic damages is $250,000. There is also a limit of $500,000 applicable to most claims against the government.

Assess How Much Your Claim Is Worth with the Help of a Boise Idaho Personal Injury Attorney

Lastly, if you are not sure how much your claim is worth or how to file it we can help. Our law firm has been helping personal injury victims assess and recover their losses for years. Call 208-314-3188 or use the contact form and schedule a FREE consultation! Our Boise personal injury lawyer will also provide the answers and advice you need.