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Why Would an Attorney Decline My Case Personal Injury Attorney Boise

Why Would a Boise Personal Injury Attorney Decline My Case?

Did you discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in Boise only to hear that they cannot represent you? Do not despair! Sometimes, it is preferable to have an attorney decline your case than to pay them a fortune and lose.

Of course, it helps to know the reasons behind their decline. It could be a matter of interest or availability that you can easily solve by getting touch with another personal injury attorney in Boise. It could also be related to your case perspectives, case in which you will want to reevaluate your options.

If you are reading this, it means you did not receive any justification for the decline of your case. To obtain one, you can either consult another personal injury attorney in Boise or review potential reasons below.

10 Common Reasons Why a Personal Injury Attorney in Boise May Decline a Case

1.  Liability Is Difficult to Establish or Prove

As you may already know, Idaho laws accept the possibilities for all the parties involved in a case to share liability. Sometimes, the case is so complicated that it seems almost impossible to prove who was at fault for it. Other times, the claimant’s share of liability is so high that it makes obtaining compensation nearly impossible.

2. Low Compensation

When reviewing a case, any personal injury lawyer in Boise will try to estimate the value of the claim. It has to cover not only their client’s losses but also their expenses with the case and their fee. If they conclude that they cannot recover enough money to justify working on the case, they will decline it.

3. Defendant with Limited Resources

Sometimes, the resources of the defendant matter more than their liability or the value of the claim. Without them, even if you win, you will not be able to recover any damages. Any personal injury attorney in Boise wants to know that they will get paid for their services. When they know that cannot happen, it makes more sense to decline the case.

4. Huge Case Expenses

Many personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. This means that they only receive their money when they win, from the compensation they win. If a case involves huge preliminary expenses (with investigations, expert testimonies, technical expertises, etc.), they may decline it.

5. Lengthy Lawsuits

Before accepting a case, every personal injury attorney will try to anticipate its duration and outcome. If the case requires going to court and the lawyer knows winning it will take years, they may decline it. Perhaps they have other cases or they simply lack the time and resources to make long-term commitments.

6. Novel Issues

Some personal injury attorneys have their comfort zone, some case categories they handle with ease. If your case requires them to exit their comfort zone, they may prefer to decline it. Some do not have the time and patience to learn new laws and procedures. Others are not willing to accept the risks that come with novelty.

7. Conflicts of Interests

Boise personal injury lawyers need to abide by strict ethical guidelines. Violating them could cost them their profession. These guidelines may force them to decline your case in some circumstances. Perhaps they previously represented the defendant or had a relationship with another party involved in the case.

8. Poor Rapport

Any personal injury in Boise may decline a case if they cannot establish a connection with their client. Do not be upset, though. You want a lawyer you trust and who trusts you, not someone who is only after your money.

9. A History of Rejections and Client-Attorney Issues

If you fired your previous lawyer or you had other lawyers decline your case, it may raise red flags. The attorney may anticipate a troublesome relationship or difficult to solve case issues.

10. Expired Statute of Limitations

Idaho law allows only two years for personal injury actions. If the deadline has already passed or is about to expire, some lawyers will not even consider your case.

Whatever reasons the lawyer you consulted had to decline your case, don’t give up! Request a second opinion and see where it takes you.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced and Dedicated Personal Injury Attorney in Boise

Do not give up your case before finding out all there is to know about it! Call 208-314-3188 and request a FREE case review with a knowledgeable and dedicated personal injury attorney in Boise! At Joe Frick Law, we love challenges, and we are always honest with our clients. Should we be forced to decline your case, we will clearly explain our reasons and advise you how to proceed.