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Boise Personal Injury Lawyer Lawsuit

When is Someone Else Responsible for Your Injuries?

Accidents happen every day, and sometimes these accidents result in an injury. Whether you are in a car, at the store, or simply walking down the street, if you are involved in an accident and are wondering if another person is responsible for your injury, it is advisable to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

Recognizing if Another Party is Liable for Your Injuries

Some injuries are a result of another person intentionally causing you harm. This is referred to as an intentional tort, meaning that the at-fault party intended to hurt you. In other cases, the liable party might have injured you by accident, but just because this was accidental does not always mean that they are not responsible.

To show that another party is liable for your injuries, your attorney will typically need to show:

  • That the at-fault party owed you a duty of care, meaning that they were obliged not to cause you harm.
  • The at-fault party failed to maintain this duty of care.
  • This breach of duty of care resulted in the injuries of the other party.

For example, a driver has a duty of care not to injure other people when they operate their vehicle. A person who drives while intoxicated fails to maintain their duty of care. When they hit and injure a pedestrian, it could be shown that the pedestrian’s injuries were caused by a drunk driver who breached their duty of care.

How a Boise Personal Injury Attorney can Help

The emotional, physical and monetary impacts of an injury can leave those who are suffering unable to work or enjoy life as they did before their injury.  If you find yourself in this situation and are wondering if another party is liable for your injuries, it is a good idea to speak with a personal injury lawyer and learn more about your legal options.

Here are a few ways that can help when you believe another party is liable for your injuries:

  • Working to establish liability of the at-fault party.
  • Help outline the damages and request just compensation. These damages could include items like medical bills, the expense of ongoing and future treatment, lost wages due to time you are unable to work.
  • Working through the claims process with the insurance companies and requesting just compensation for your injuries.
  • Speaking with other people who might have witnessed the accident.
  • Filing the necessary documents throughout the process.

Contact a Boise Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured and believe that someone else is at fault, it is advisable to learn more about your options. Speaking with a Boise Personal Injury Lawyer can help you to understand if someone else is responsible for your injuries, and if so, how to proceed with legal action. At Joe Frick Law, PLLC, our team is dedicated to serving those who have been injured and will fight for our clients’ rights to just compensation. Call us today at (208) 401-9311 to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how we can help.